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Toroid Pavilion.


Exogenous Properties / Endogenous Protocols (PREXPREN).


Universidad Iberoamericana.


Pablo Kobayashi, Brian Slocum.

teaching assistants:

Alberto Vivar, Paolo Sarra.


spring 2017.

undergraduate semesters 5 - 7.

key points:

teaching, #prexpren, minimal surfaces,  form-finding, thin-shell concrete structures, fabric form-work, hybrid structures, analog investigation.

The architecture students of the Universidad Iberoamericana of the 5th-7th semester are mixed in what are called ‘vertical studios’ so that younger students may benefit from the experience of older students, and so that the older students are exposed to fresh ideas.  The curriculum is intentionally open to permit various avenues of investigation.  Our design studio, called “Exogenous Protocols/ Endogenous Properties,” is intended to expose the students to advanced geometry, form-finding, parametric design thinking as well as the digital tools used to describe these concepts, and finally material investigation.

In the spring semester of 2017, we charged the students with the design and construction of a modular pavilion to be built in the architecture school’s patio.  Using stretchable fabric and wood as form-work, the students designed and built modules of light-weight concrete (minimal surfaces) to assemble together to form a toroidal shaped pavilion.



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