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Exogenous Properties / Endogenous Protocols (PREXPREN).


Universidad Iberoamericana.


Pablo Kobayashi, Brian Slocum.

teaching assistants:

Alberto Vivar, Paolo Sarra.


spring + fall 2017.

undergraduate semesters 5 - 7.

key points:

teaching, #prexpren, minimal surfaces,  form-finding, thin-shell concrete structures, fabric form-work, material programming, analog investigation.

PREXPREN 2017 (Exogenous Protocols//Endogenous Properties) were vertical design studios (students mixed from semesters 5 - 7 of the program) in the undergraduate program at the University. The studios focused on the use of active formwork in the construction of aggregations of self-supporting concrete components, employing both analog and digital tools with computational design strategies.


The students worked with applied design protocols in a process of form-finding whose results were directly affected by the physical properties of the materials with which they work. Additionally, the students were encouraged explore of evolutionary and generative design strategies, emphasizing design as research.


In the spring semester, the studio was invited to construct a pavilion in the Alameda Central of Mexico City as part of the annual MEXTROPOLI Conference organized by Arquine magazine.



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