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Sports Center.


Hermosillo, Mexico.




Principal / Diverse Projects.






2015/concept design.

key points:

practice, community sports/activities program, steel space frame, adaptive reuse, parametric design.

The current Gymnasium of the State of Sonora was opened on the 31st of December, 1969. It has a contemporary design yet despite its relative youth, its structure and facilities are not in acceptable conditions, however it is sited in an extraordinary location and worthy of rehabilitation.

The goal of this project is to remodel and modernize, increase spectator comfort and capacity, and increase the number of activities and services available to both the city and the local community. In order to accomplish this, the existing roof structure will be removed and replaced with a lighter yet taller structure that will permit the addition of more seating within the same footprint.  In addition, the existing pool will be renovated.  A serpentine running track will be added, traversing the site and running through the existing gymnasium structure.  To house other activities, an annex building will be constructed adjacent to the gymnasium structure to house additional facilities such as basketball and volleyball courts, handball, a weight room, spinning room, yoga and dance studios, an area for a trapeze school as well as a garden on the roof.  In addition, a climbing wall will face a redeveloped plaza containing a new cafe and juice bar.  

The new gym will transform the area in which it is located and expand its sports programming, becoming a real center of sport and public health with an extensive and multifunctional offering of activities for all ages and interests.

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