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Exogenous Properties / Endogenous Protocols (PREXPREN).


Universidad Iberoamericana.


Pablo Kobayashi, Luis Carbonell, Brian Slocum.

teaching assistants:

Alberto Vivar, Paolo Sarra.


spring / summer / fall 2018.

undergraduate semesters 5 - 7.

key points:

teaching, #prexpren, minimal surfaces,  form-finding, thin-shell concrete structures, fabric form-work, aggregation, stereotomy, material programming, analog investigation.

The two semester-long studios (plus an abbreviated summer semester) that comprised PREXPREN 2018 were workshops/design studios for material research in design at the University, continuing the focus of the previous year’s studios. The workshops employ a methodology that does not separate formal results from material qualities. Moving away from what Manuel DeLanda describes as “explicitly transcendental resources, eternal essences that define the geometric shapes imposed on materials,” we focused on the combination of two materials and two completely different behaviors that, when combined, increase their capacities beyond what either could achieve separately - on the one hand the concrete and on the other textiles. Of importance is the approach to the understanding of these materials, their characteristics, qualities and behaviors.



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