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key points:

investigation, design research, graphic research, drawing, analysis.

Inspired by the investigations performed in 'Enframing Bacon', nHorizons employs photos from different angles in order to create a superimposition of horizons in a deliberate misreading/false registration of competing vantage points.


Nowadays we observe the world around us at a remove; everything is a potential snapshot, either to commemorate the moment or to project an experience to others through social media. We are now conditioned from a very young age to construct our world-view through a lens — "if there is no 'pic', it did not happen."


This process takes advantage of our tendency as architects to see 'perspectivally' — understanding is derived from unconsciously identifying 'n' number of horizons and then reconstructing them to form a unified image. Rather than allowing this to happen, here this tendency is intentionally subverted. Acknowledging that our perception only allows for a fragmentary comprehension of what is manifested in these images, the investigation deploys the condition of fragmentation as a generator (or revealer) of spatial conditions that would otherwise be smoothed over in our attempt to synthesize a unified understanding of what we observe.

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