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Linear Park.


Hermosillo, Mexico.




Principal / Diverse Projects.







key points:

practice, master planning, landscape design, community programming, cycling/jogging path, green markets, sustainable design.

The seven kilometers of concrete channel of the Sonora River in Hermosillo were built to prevent the flooding of the city in the event of overflows of the Abelardo L. Rodríguez dam.  The channel has become neglected and abandoned, no longer serving the purpose for which it was built.

The project involves a strategic stretch of the channel having greatest impact on the quality of life of thousands of officials working in offices of state and local government, as well as the quality of life of their families and ordinary citizens alike.

The selected section also seeks to rethink the relationship between government offices and the Museum of Art of Sonora (MUSAS) and the State Institute of Culture, because although the three areas today are contiguous, there exists practically no cultural, recreational or dynamic connection between them.

Two kilometers of the existing infrastructure were selected for development as a linear park that will contain space for cultural, sporting, gastronomic and recreational activities for all generations.

The design contemplates the addition of plazas, forums, spaces for food trucks and families to eat, walk, play sports and relax.

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