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Desert Polyforum.


Hermosillo, Mexico.




Principal / Diverse Projects.







key points:

practice, development, long-span light-weight structures, 7,450 spectators, sustainable design.

The current capacity of venues in Hermosillo for cultural and entertainment events is very limited, compared with other cities of similar population.  These events require venues that are more flexible and up-to-date than currently possible given the current infrastructure.  The goal is to develop facilities that will promote the education of the population as well as the expansion of an industry that is increasingly growing and may represent a significant boost to tourism.  That is why it is proposed to build a new Polyforum with open-air theaters, to take advantage of the extraordinary and unique beauty of the Sonoran desert as a backdrop and as its main attraction.

In summary, its facilities will include:

1.  Outdoor Amphitheater: 5,000 spectators.  Will have the capacity and capability to host various types of events, from opera to jazz, blues, theatrical events, and rock concerts.

2.  Air-conditioned Auditorium: 2,000 spectators.

Acknowledging the climatic conditions of Hermosillo, a second stage is provided with the ability to stage events during the months of extreme heat as well as providing a place for presentations requiring lower occupancy.

3.  3 Black-box Theaters: 150 spectators each.  The black box theaters are the perfect alternative for local, experimental, or other presentations; these spaces can also be made available for private rental for special events or for use in conjunction with local university theater groups.

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